Secrets To Success In Writing And Self-Publishing (ebook)

Secrets To Success In Writing And Self-Publishing (ebook)

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Do you want to have sustainable and lasting success as an author, as a writer? Do you know that only about three to five percent of people who read a how-to book actually take action on one or more of the tips, tools and methods proposed in such books? Have you ever read a how-to book on writing and publishing and did not apply all the knowledge you gained? Maybe you did not even finish the book? Today there are so many opportunities for you to succeed as an author, as a writer that any obstacle you might perceive can be found within you. From my experience and my knowledge, I share with you secrets to get yourself going, to actually get started, gain momentum and keep this momentum going. Using techniques and tools from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) you tune and fine-tune yourself for success. Success in writing and self-publishing is a long-term project. Here in the Secrets to Success in Writing and Self-publishing: I do not repeat marketing tips you already know. I do not give you the next step-by-step formatting advice. I do not offer you another Kindle publishing guide. You will not read again about keyword research and what categories to aim for. You will not read again about how to drive traffic to your blog. There are a multitude of books out there dealing with exactly these topics and some of them are really good and helpful. You are at the center. The Secrets to Success in Writing and Self-publishing I share with you are all about you as a person, because you yourself are the most valuable resource you have! To ensure a positive and productive integration this book is written for the conscious and the other-than-conscious level of your mind. You learn: To overcome limiting beliefs. How to overcome procrastination. To take control of your own thinking, feeling, and behavior. To apply powerful NLP techniques to enhance your writing skills. How to motivate yourself. To make a powerful ally out of your self-talk. How to develop your vision, to set goals and achieve them. How to actually apply all that knowledge you already have. How to actually start writing and how to keep at it. How to deal effectively with any possible hiccups on your way. About time management for writers and authors. Why your body is an essential resource for your success. How to build sustainable and lasting emotional success as author, as writer and as a person. Discover all the resources you already have within you, unleash your creativity and live to your potential. So read the book, do all the exercises and surprise yourself with how easy it was to achieve success on all levels of your life with you bringing your commitment and love for writing to the table. Are you ready for your sustainable and lasting success yet? Scroll up and click buy to get your copy and make the next step on your road to success now! .

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Thomas Oberbichler
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Secrets To Success In Writing And Self-Publishing (ebook)


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