The Chimaera Regiment (ebook)

The Chimaera Regiment (ebook)

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Delight in a creative retelling of the myth of Bellerophon and the Chimaera. Follow the path of a young man destined for greatness. Delve into a world with more history and more secrets than meet the eye. Learn the Code of Lords. Marvel at the Guardians. Despise the dishonorable and pursue the piety of the gods. Enter an ancient library by a hidden passage and claim the Blessed Blades, to cleave the lion's head from the beast! "The Chimaera Regiment" is the first novel of author Nathaniel Turner, and the first in a trilogy. Set in a world dissimilar from our own, this traditional fantasy tale interweaves elements of classical myths from ancient Greece and Rome with an original story of destiny, history, technology, and power. FROM THE BACK COVER: It is late autumn in the 2040th year of the Sixth Era. For centuries, peace has reigned among the tribes of men, but as an early chill descends on the land, a new war looms from the south. Lord Derek, ruler of the Chimaera Regiment, seeks to reestablish the ancient Fylscem Empire under his banner, and he will stop at nothing to restore the dominion of his bloodline. Before him lies the idyllic Valley of Kyros, home of the Alkimites, where the last direct heir of the old empire lives in ignorance. Guided by the ancient Guardian Lord Aneirin, Hector son of Abram must travel to the primeval capital of his heritage. There, in the Library of the Ancients, he must retrieve the three Blessed Blades of the Emperor, symbols of his authority. Agents of the Chimaera Regiment pursue him, and barbaric tribes stand in his way, but his path may unlock the secrets of the past, and it could bring light—or darkness—to the future.

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