Summer Love (ebook)

Summer Love (ebook)

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This romance begins at a low tide of emotions to evolve in a sea of whirpool sensations. Kenny is a young man, an aspiring writer, who meets Pat, a woman in her early thirties, on a summer day. He wants to gain Pat's attention and certainly her affection, so that he tries offering all those simple things which men of her own age overlook. Pat is flattered by Kenny's compliments, however she doesn't accept him by the age gap and still yet by her sentiment for Graham, her ex-partner, who is the man who could fulfill her dream though he always lets her down. Kenny's persistence and Pat's refusal become a tug-of-war affair. By a sudden event where he gets involved with Leslie, a friend, whom he doesn't take in, Kenny comprehends Pat's thought. Leading a double life, a clerk at daytime and a writer during the night, Kenny goes through a lot of circumstances and grows as person; meanwhile Pat gets conscious that with Graham is not going to give what she wants. Then she finds out that people say what the other pleases, which it is noticeable when she runs into her best friend; it pushes up the woman to get back to Kenny. At this point, Kenny has already the same attitude of Pat and Pat has that of Kenny at the beginning. Anyhow, Pat and Kenny begin a relationship, and she learns about the essentiality of life. Summer Love is one story about emotions and philosophy about daily events.

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