Storm Clouds (ebook)

Storm Clouds (ebook)

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In Storm Clouds, the theft of a batch of lethal radium E catapults Alfred and Adam into the world of the industrialist, William Hartselle - a despicable monster, hell-bent on killing millions. Their search for the radioactive material takes them first to Corvo in the Azores where they find not the radium but a man, Salvatore, enslaved by Hartselle, who gives them a nightmarish glimpse into the maniacal and sadistic brain of the man whom governments bow to. Salvatore unwittingly provides the crime-busting duo with the vital clue to the whereabouts of the radium and the showdown stage is set. Recruiting Antonio Borelli to the cause, they rush to Badenweiler in Germany to prevent mass-murder. Time is always against the pair as they race from Corvo to Badenweiler, dodging assassins, never sure where the next bullet is coming from. Storm Clouds is the sixth story from the series, The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries. It follows The Blakely Affair, Black Veil, Stradler’s Game, The Helios Protocol and The Fanshawe Scroll. Storm Clouds also marks the end of Series One. There will be a second series of The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy the story and feedback is always welcome. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy the story and feedback is always welcome. Please visit our website to find out what we’re working on next. Thank you! Carter Seagrove.

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XinXii-GD Publishing
EPub con DRM
Novela - Narrativa
Novela Española e Hipanoamericana
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Storm Clouds (ebook)


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