Fregoli Delusion (ebook)

Fregoli Delusion (ebook)

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A SADISTIC OVERSEER TORMENTED THEM AS CHILDREN - IS HE NOW STALKING THEM AS ADULTS? Tom Wallace is born from communal coupling during the Great Depression of the 1930s. He endures physical and sexual abuse at the hands of a sadistic cult and bonds with Calvin, Luke and Ben, staunch allies who look out for each other, until they finally escape. As an adult, Tom experiences time lapses, sometimes lasting for hours, with no memory of what he was doing. He searches for the friends of his youth to see if they are experiencing similar problems. His search takes him to a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane and eventually a tranquil coastal community, where his college sweetheart Becky, now a police officer, happens to live. Soon after he arrives, a grisly series of murders start. Tom's black-outs continue and he's tormented not knowing if he's the killer. The police are hot on the trail of the murderer and when Becky's little daughter disappears, events come to a head. “Rogers takes readers on a ruthless descent into the depths of human evil, and one man’s quest for redemption. Relentless, raw - and utterly riveting. Rogers’ powerful narrative lingers long after the last page is turned.”-Mandy Miles, "Key West Citizen Tan Lines” columnist. “After reading this story one may think twice before speaking with seemingly nice strangers, or inviting them home. An intriguing and chilling read.”-"Portland Book Review." “A triumph over a young man’s tortured youth and a chilling page turner.”-Scott Chesney, International motivational speaker and life coach, Ambassador for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. “You’ve got a good book when the pages fly by and you keep wondering what comes next. Rogers’ story is such a book.”-Charles A. Noon lll, Independent literary critic.

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