Wowилонская Башня-1. Пропавшая Экспедиция (ebook)

Wowилонская Башня-1. Пропавшая Экспедиция (ebook)

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Начало 20-го столетия. Знаменитый британский путешественник полковник сэр Перси Офсет делает открытие века - находит исполинскую Белую Башню в самом сердце Амазонских болот. На ее вершине - Врата в Потусторонний Мир. Естественно, полковнику никто не верит. Кроме Феликса Дзержинского, всесильного председателя ВЧК-ОГПУ. У Дзержинского - нет иного выбора. В подмосковных Горках скончался Ленин, так и не удосужившись назвать наследника. Грядет кровавая битва Кремлевских кланов за власть. Чтобы ее упредить, шеф советской тайной полиции снаряжает в Амазонию экспедицию специального назначения... The priests of Ancient Babylon, the greatest mages on the Planet, believed our human world to be a pale shadow of the World of Gods. Its imperfect reflection, reconstituted from primordial chaos with the life - giving rays falling from celestial abode through poorly veiled door. That’s why priests gave their city proud name Bab Ilu - the Gate of God, however at the same time found it difficult to specify exactly where those are located. In contrast to the elders of mysterious Flame-headed Guardians tribe living in the upper reaches of the Amazon river, who have long and well known, where the coveted palace is. It lies on the top of the giant White Tower, which rises in the heart of impassable swamps. The elders call it Cradle of Everything. Guardians are not similar to neighboring Indians, to those they are strangers, aliens, who have came from the ‘big water’. By the way, Flame-headed still shy away from the land, preferring the man - made islands of vines and their cosmologic representations derive from wooden tables filled with texts that resemble Sumerian cuneiform. Elders say, the tables used to be made of clay. The descendants of the Babylonian priests in the Amazonian wilderness? This bold hypothesis is costly for Percy Offset, the famed British explorer and researcher. And when Sir Percy dares to tell the scientific community about the Gates he had seen with his own eyes, ridicule of colleagues turn into accusations of lying. Billed charlatan traveler becomes an outcast. Of course, no one takes this words seriously. Besides artist Konstantin Vyvikh, who is desperately seeking Shambhala in the Himalayas and his patron Felix Dzerzhinsky, the all-powerful chairman of the VChK OGPU. The latter is simply has no other options. In Gorky outside Moscow, Vladimir Lenin died without bothering to name an heir. Kremlin clans battle for power is coming. And in order to vanquish it, Iron Felix decides to equip the special expedition to the Gates of the Underworld... (In Russian).

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Wowилонская Башня-1. Пропавшая Экспедиция (ebook)


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