The Sea (ebook)

The Sea (ebook)

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Down the sea beach she was standing. It seemed ages since she was sat onto that bench, always the same one, during some more than half a year. Sometimes the tide was high, sometimes the water was calm, on the sand, waiting for something to happen. The sand, the bench, some gusty trees and her; and beneath the scrolling ravine an empty boat, with some sailors staring at the sea, joking. She stared. Biding her time expressed a sad smile, while the sun rays were illuminating her hair, and day by day, alone into the night as if she were standing apart. One day after months, the sailors decided to approach to her. Why don´t we? -They discussed among themselves-. And slowly and gently they tried to catch her eye. But she decided to go to another bench, far away from there she was before. The sailors insisted. After a while, they, looking into the tide and the wind blowing they have taken a bottle, and get into it a trapping message, sent by the sea, inviting her to answer. And through the passing of the days she discovered that bottle on the sea with the message. She got scared. It was nearly darken, she did not know what to say. Her lonesome face was trying to decide how could herself to get near them. And she decided to start an enigmatic story as this.

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The Sea (ebook)


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