Don'T Be Afraid (ebook)

Don'T Be Afraid (ebook)

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A Town tries to stay alive back in the late 1600's. It receives an unwelcome visit from Hell. A stagecoach filled with 3 Notorious Dark Demon Outlaws ride into Tombstone Illinois. These same men were found guilty by Marshals. They were hung by the neck until dead. Then Buried in the Town Graveyard on the Hill. Years Later they‘re wakened by 3 graphite colored lightning bolts. They return to Tombstone to pay the Lawmen a visit.Lightning for some strange reason or the other. It would always strike multiple times in that same infamous graveyard. Another bolt of lightning strikes afterward. The Late Sheriff Sam Saint also a Marshall. He will walk out of that Graveyard seconds before in front of those 3 Dark Demon Outlaws. The same 3 outlaws that he helped imprison than found guilty before hanging. Minutes after three outlaws walk out of that same graveyard headed for Town right behind the Marshall. Evidently lightning wakes the dead both good and bad in this infamous graveyard story. When the town ran out of drinking water. With it came a flock of the dead. The Town has had multiple names by now. Ghosts from all walks of life follow them to the new town. A prison filled with man eating cannibals pay the town a visit. Multiple ghostly ghastly characters pop up every chance they get. So stop by for a bite of a leg or an arm .You know what I mean Sweet Cheeks?.

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XinXii-GD Publishing
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Novela - Narrativa
Novela Española e Hipanoamericana
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Don'T Be Afraid (ebook)


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