Earth Shakers: The Gathering (ebook)

Earth Shakers: The Gathering (ebook)

Danny Weiss
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Jack Dodd and Margo Rodriguez are the editors of Live Loudly, a student newspaper that highlights the good in the community and points out the wrong in the world. They think that no one has noticed the good work that they are doing ... but they are wrong. When they receive a mysterious invitation from someone known only as the Keeper of the Keys to join a secret society on the other side of the world, they know that their adventure is only just beginning... Earth Shakers: The Gathering is the first part of an exciting new adventure series set in a shadowy world where good must be protected... whatever the cost. Earth Shakers is published by Hippo Books, a publisher dedicated to producing interesting, readable and fun books. This book is suitable for English students with upper-intermediate English or higher. Be sure to check out our other Hippo Graded Readers. About the Author: Danny Weiss received a degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture from Princeton University in 2012, and is TESOL certified. He has worked in a variety of different fields and on a number of different projects in Asia, Africa, and South America - most recently as an English teacher and contributing author for Hippo Books, and as a coordinator of international partnerships for a large American NGO.

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Novela - Narrativa
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Earth Shakers: The Gathering (ebook)


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