Walking Along The Deep (ebook)

Walking Along The Deep (ebook)

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Margret is a 22 year old young girl who has to choose between God, her parent’s wish and her dream to become an independent woman, things started to be difficult for her when she met Simon a guy whom she fellowshipped with at church. They fall in love with each other though it was hard for them to understand their feelings for each other. They both wanted legitimate marriage yet they did not have finances and when the chemistry of their love started to arouse and took their love to the next level. They decided to get married for the sake of their relationship with God, Margret’s father was angry and he hated both his daughter and Simon, fortunately it taught him to allow his wife to be educated, Margret and Simon even though they got married, they were so surprised to learn that the deep was not sweet and safe as they thought, no matter how much two people love each other there will always be opposition and challenges that will shake the marriage to draw inside the deep. They struggled to have children and they did not give up, they accepted that God’s timing is the best, Margret’s mother was studying nursing at the University of Venda, while Margret dropped out due to financial problem, as thirsty as she was to be independent, it was hard for her to accept. Later, at the end after going through much agony in their love, they learned to be happy even in the dark, deep that is raging at them, they have learned that the best medicine is to love and laugh to provoke the devil who is trying to destroy their marriage, they won’t spend their time together, frowning merely because God is not giving them the fruits of marriage which is children, but they believed that sooner or later his word will come to pass and all their shame will be forgotten.

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