Practical Earned Value Analysis (ebook)

Practical Earned Value Analysis (ebook)

Akram Najjar
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Earned Value Analysis was first developed and used in the construction industry. These days, and with the push by the Project Management Institute (PMI), it has started to be widely used in all types of projects. Essentially, there are 3 financial measures and 2 project measures used to extract other indicators. There is the planned value, the earned value and the actual cost. From these, indicators can be derived to measure status, project schedules and budgets, workout “gears” that tell the project management what work rates are required to finish on time or on budget. The book starts by using the traditional terminology (BCWS, BCWP and ACWP) then switches to the recently revised PMI terminology: PV, EV and AC. It presents each of the 25 indicators using examples prepared with Microsoft Excel. Workouts follow most indicators. The approach is very practical with no text wasted on theory. The eBook is computational and is supported by various Excel workbooks which can be freely downloaded. The workbooks provide the reader with workouts, their solutions and a few templates to use when analyzing Earned Value. For those aiming at PMI certification, this book follows the requirements of the PMBOK and can be used in parallel to other texts when preparing for PMP or CPMA tests.

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Practical Earned Value Analysis (ebook)


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