The Christian Way (ebook)

The Christian Way (ebook)

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Christianity is the biggest religion on our planet, yet there is a lot of debate about what Christianity is. What does it really mean to be a Christian? This e-book answers these questions, by describing the core message of Christianity in a short and very clear way. Thijs Hottenhuis shares the clarity that he has received about what Jesus really tells us and wants us to do, in this fast-paced e-book. He talks about God, Jesus, the world, forgiveness, love, inner guidance, and about resurrection as the goal of Christianity. In the twenty-first century we experience big shifts in the way people experience Christianity. There is a movement from traditional churches to evangelistic churches, because many people really want to experience the downpour of the Holy Spirit instead of just reading about it. There is also a growing interest in the mystical teachings of Jesus, as they are given to us in books like “The Aquarian Gospel” and “A Course In Miracles”. In all these shifts and changes it is important to be able to discern between what is true and what is not. This e-book is meant to give you this clarity, and invites you to truly follow Jesus. God loves you and want you to come home to Him. He is not angry at you, but welcomes you back. Jesus is with you always, ready to offer His help. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are eager to help you follow the Christian way, all the way through your resurrection. Read this e-book and get inspired to claim your Divine Inheritance! Hallelujah!.

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The Christian Way (ebook)


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