Spiritual Awakening Readiness Test (ebook)

Spiritual Awakening Readiness Test (ebook)

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The time has come for all of us to open up to a new experience called spiritual awakening. What does spiritual awakening really mean? It simply means that you remember what you already have and what you already are. Nothing more nor less. What do you have to do to get this kind of experience? You will have to allow it. You will have to open up to it once again. It is your natural state to know and to be aware of everything that is and will ever be. You are not a body. You are a spiritual being. We are not human beings who may or may not have spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And while we are having this human experience, we often completely forget about our true identity. Therefore, we need to remember the truth about ourselves. Accepting this is a shift in your state of mind and that is a spiritual awakening. Not everybody is ready for this shift. Are you? To know if you are, I have designed this test. It will guide you through your own mind, and help you discover which beliefs about yourself and the world you hold dear. Once it is clear to you what you believe, you can change your mind about the beliefs which would keep you from experiencing a spiritual awakening. That would make it inevitable for you to gain the experience, because That which wants to awaken you is always ready, willing and able to do so! This is not a linear book. You will be asked to answer questions, based upon your personal ideas and beliefs. By answering these questions you will be guided to take a look at what consequences these choices will have on your state of mind. Doing this test will need your active participation, and you will have to be brutally honest. I mean, of course you can fool me and you can fool yourself, but you obviously cannot fool That which will awaken you when you are ready for it. And why would you? There is no higher or more lofty goal than to awaken to the truth. Nothing is more worthy of you. This e-book, this test, is designed to guide you through your own mind and help you to look at and challenge beliefs which may prevent you from awakening. Once you know what beliefs you value, you can change your mind if you want to, if you discover that those beliefs don’t support a spiritual awakening.

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Spiritual Awakening Readiness Test (ebook)


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