7 Days To Plr Profits (ebook)

7 Days To Plr Profits (ebook)

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You may not have considered this before, but if you have ever bought any kind of digital product online – software or an e-book, for example, - then that product came with some kind of ‘rights’ attached to it when you did so. In other words, in buying the product, you also bought the right to use it in some way. Most commonly, you would just get what are called ‘personal user’ rights with your purchase, so you can use it but you cannot, for example, sell it someone else. However, there are many products that you will buy online where you are given additional rights with your purchase. Some products are packaged with Resell Rights, meaning that you can use the product yourself and sell it to others so that they can do the same. Then there are Master Resell Products which give you the license not only to sell the product yourself, but also to pass on that right to sell the product to your customer too. Finally you have products that come with Private Label Rights or PLR. This is content (most commonly articles, e-books or reports) that can be used as is, or changed and modified before usage entirely as the purchaser desires, in compliance with the product’s PLR license. Within this PLR product ‘category’ there are even a couple of sub- categories that are defined by the exact ‘levels’ of PLR rights that are granted by the product license. For example, there are some PLR products that allow the purchaser to resell the product but they cannot claim authorship of it when they do so. However, the vast majority of PLR products that you are likely to come across or buy come with totally unrestricted PLR rights, meaning that you can essentially do whatever you want with them. For the rest of this book, this is the kind of PLR product that I will be talking about. So, with such unrestricted PLR rights to a particular e-book, special report or article, you can: • Change the title of or headline above the product; • Modify the content by adding to it, changing it or cutting pieces out wherever and however you want; • Claim authorship or creation credits; • Use the finished product you create in any way you like – give it away, sell it from a sales page or a membership site etc; • Use it as website content materials, or in a newsletter; • Add your own affiliate links into the finished product; • Claim Copyright to it. From this, it should be clear that having unrestricted PLR rights to a product that you buy offers you a huge range of different opportunities and possibilities. Indeed, it would even be possible to just take the product that you have bought, add your name to it and then publish it ‘as is’ without doing any more to it than that. This is never likely to be a smart move, however, as (unless you are the first person who has ever used this PLR content) somebody else has probably already done this before you. .

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7 Days To Plr Profits (ebook)


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