Soft Movements According To Thekkekara (ebook)

Soft Movements According To Thekkekara (ebook)

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The soft movement is a natural and painless method that I conceived in the 1970s, after graduating in natural sciences in India and having studied in great depth oriental medicine on my own. Over the years, the soft movement has greatly evolved, above all thanks to the fundamental and very important contribution of my son Predip who, after having taken a degree in Indian medicine and followed several courses of Chinese traditional medicine, has been able to combine elements of Indian and Chinese medicine, resulting in a considerable evolution of the soft movement. I am a man of science, so before making the soft movement known, I wanted to verify that it was scientifically valid; the instruments that allowed me to prove the efficacy and the validity of my method were the computerized axial tomography, better known by its abbreviation CAT and magnetic resonance known as NMR. Subjecting patients to these tests before and after treatment, I have been able to prove that the manoeuvres of the soft movement created an opposing force that the one that had led to the expulsion of the disc. In this ebook, using a simple language everyone can understand, my aim has been to explain the components and the mechanisms regulating the spine and I have tried to illustrate how the soft movement works, with scientific demonstration and the statements by patients who have recovered. Jacob Thekkekara.

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