Philosophical Adventures In Over 1001 Reflexions (ebook)

Philosophical Adventures In Over 1001 Reflexions (ebook)

Erald Kaszlo
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The Blind Light within Ourselves I 1. Happiness is a luxury that only those who do not want anything from life can afford. 2. There are no atheist people; there are only people who have not yet found God. 3. I have been gone round the world at lest fifty times on foot... in my city. 4. There are moments in life when I would give everything I can for a moment of farewell. 5. In old age, some people discover their inability and others their wisdom. 6. If the woman gets bored, she will not stop until she will not bother us, too. 7. Only a dreamer has the opportunity to fulfill his dreams, the others live the dreams of other people. 8. Freedom is infinite, that is why some people cannot perceive it differently than a way of discharge of their limited mind. 9. To hide behind someone who is smaller than you, it means to stay on your knees. 10. The relatively simple life is complicated every time, by some relatively square head. 11. Every person (still) lives by the virtue of failed suicides. 12. We think more than we can do, and we make mistakes more than we can believe. 13. I have heard from an old man that health without money is pure illness. 14. Since the castles have become some pitiable ruins, the invaders have become some joyful tourists. 15. Life is not short, but memory is. 16. To suffer, that is our mission. If we do not succeed, it will appear some kind person to help us. 17. Do not enjoy when you can pass through a wall... something is rotten: either you, or the wall. 18. For the poor people the Bible is served as bread, and for the rich people, it is served as cake. The priests deal with it. 19. The difference between an idea and wisdom is that, one can bring you some light for a moment, the other for all your life. 20. Love is like a volcano; that is why you cannot oppose to it, nor postpone it.

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