Awake And Aware (ebook)

Awake And Aware (ebook)

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Life is surprising- it's a bit like traveling through a deep, impenetrableforest where you can hardly see in front of your nose. Then, as you come rounda bend, you suddenly see a mesmerizing landscape spread out before you. What'sreally interesting though, is that to see this vision you have to have firstnavigated through the dark forest with its never-ending series of twists andturns.I'm now at a point in my life where I've just gone round a particularly sharpbend and the forest has suddenly opened up into this incredible space whichseems to go on forever. And I'm struck by how impossible it would have beenfor me to even imagine what it could be like. It feels like the endless,luminous space is saturated with the beauty of the Universe, and I can feelthe clean air of freedom filling my lungs. I'm still at the bend, absorbing itall. I'm transfixed as I contemplate the mesmerizing landscape.This short book is the result of that first moment of awe. It's about wantingto share the meaning of a journey that has brought me to this point, and totry to shed light on the elusive yet incredibly simple explanation for thiswonderful discovery. As with all my books, I sincerely hope that this one isable to transmit this unearthed treasure to others - to confirm that suchintense clarity does exist, and that it fills your heart with an intense senseof freedom.The boost I wish to offer to your personal development goes beyond theintellectual. Its main goal is to enable release from suffering, because paindissolves when it is understood deeply. May those joining me on this journeyfeel inspired and encouraged, and may it help all men and women feel theliberation of understanding blossom inside them.

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Desclée De Brouwer
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Salud, bienestar y dietas
Ciencias de la Salud
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Awake And Aware (ebook)


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