Hot Bestiality Erotica 8-Pack #4: A Variety Bestiality Erotic Short Story Bundle (ebook)

Hot Bestiality Erotica 8-Pack #4: A Variety Bestiality Erotic Short Story Bundle (ebook)

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This Discounted Eight Pack Bundle Includes the following eight previously published stories: Dominated by the Dog on the Plane - When a surprised slave gets on a private plane to ride to her new destination as a sex slave, she doesn't expect her new master's staff to try her out, and she doesn't expect the guard dog is there to join in the fun! Taking the Horse Hard - Bound and helpless, defiant submissive Amber must service her master's stallion Paolo to keep her place and keep his anger from ending their relationship. What starts out as a punishment turns into the hottest experience Amber has ever had as she takes the horse hard! Taken Hard By Rufus While Bound - When Rufus chases Ruby's jerk Dom out of the house, she needs the German Shephard's help to get out of her restraints. Rufus has different ideas regarding what his mistress needs help with. Taken by the Boss and His Dog - Waive money in front of a golddigger, and they'll do anything. They'll let you insult them. They'll let you do them in ways they never even thought they could be done. They'll even do your dog. Bestiality Twins Knotted - Dimwitted twins Cyndy and Erin are back with another tale of hot bestiality. Their loyal Doberman, Duster, is ready to serve but this time the twins want more - and they turn to each other for the ultimate threesome. Daddy Made Me Do The Dog - When Essie finds out about Daddy's bestiality fetish, will Essie leave him forever? Or will she find that the naughty apple doesn't fall far from the wicked tree? Mounted at the Zoo Party - When Jameson asks Brooke to attend a Zoo Party, Brooke finds that Jameson's fantasies are more than just a remote interest. She's curious to experience bestiality, but can she handle her new hot husband's kink? Mounted by the Wolf - When Lyall confesses that he's a wolf to his fiance Sara, she's shocked. Can Lyall get Sara to drop her defenses and open her legs to him as a wolf?  .

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Novela fantástica
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Hot Bestiality Erotica 8-Pack #4: A Variety Bestiality Erotic Short Story Bundle (ebook)


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