Getting To Know Anxiety (ebook)

Getting To Know Anxiety (ebook)

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Alone. Confused. Scared. That's how I USE to feel. Until I discovered what it was that made me feel this way. I could have all the people around me in the world, and still I would feel all by myself. The only one on the planet that was having such difficult problems that were beginning to manifest themselves outward and affecting my ability to LIVE LIFE. At first, I thought either I was completely INSANE, or that I must have an isolated case of some weird disease, that, of course, I could NEVER reveal to another living soul. Otherwise I'd end up LOCKED UP in a mental health facility! I had NO CLUE what was happening to me. OR that other people were also suffering just as I was. These unprovoked 'attacks' would just spur up from out of nowhere. Or so I believed at the time. While I was working, driving, eating, or doing any array of everyday tasks. WHY was this happening to me? WHAT was happening to me? And, would it EVER STOP?? I didn't have anyone to speak with about this problem, because I didn't KNOW what it was. Today, I'm a VERY different person. I KNOW what it is I am battling with on a daily basis. I KNOW I'm not the only one who struggles with it. I KNOW that this will be a condition I will most likely have for the REST OF MY LIFE. And I'm OKAY with that. Because I KNOW that I suffer from Anxiety Disorder. Hopefully by sharing the information I have found will help you in even the tiniest measure to get control back of your life and live with Anxiety and Panic Disorder.

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Getting To Know Anxiety (ebook)


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