Paradise Is On Earth! (ebook)

Paradise Is On Earth! (ebook)

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This is a touching autobiographical text where the author makes us part of her personal experience of faith and events that gave way to perceive the presence and help of God in everyday life, in the darkest moments and confusions, all thanks to father figure. This book is a special experience for the readers because, page after page, goes through a different dimension made of perceptions, dreams, signs to interpret and indissoluble bonds, even after death. It is a continuous connection between dreams and everyday life: Patrizia, the protagonist, goes through a very difficult period full of worries, but her deceased father will direct her. A believer reader will find a beautiful testimony of God’s love for his children, in this text: when we accept God, He makes us feel his presence and guides us along the way of our life. Who are those which have never seized the signs of the divine presence in their lives? Or rather ask: why don’t you have the courage to believe in those signs? A reader less accustomed to the topic will have the opportunity to get aware of particular events that, in one way or another, have led the author to live a better life by addressing the obstacles that life has placed on her path. If believing, in life after death and in the presence of God in our lives, directs and makes us become better people, then WHY SHALL WE NOT WELCOME HIM IN OUR HEARTS?.

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Patrizia Pesce
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Biografías y Memorias
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Paradise Is On Earth! (ebook)


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