Black And White Adult Romance Bundle (ebook)

Black And White Adult Romance Bundle (ebook)

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It's Black And White Erica's been hiding a horrible secret for far too long. Her boyfriend, C-Rock, has been beating her and isolating her from her friends for years. All that changes in the blink of an eye when after a particularly bad night she calls up Max, her white friend from way back. He comes over and takes her to the hospital, and next thing Erica knows she is being protected, loved, and fucked by Max constantly as they avoid C-Rock, and the crooked police who want to arrest Max for what he does to defend Erica. C-Rock isn't the type of thug to give up though, and soon Erica finds out just how far Max is willing to go to protect her... C-Rock's a thug, Max is a professional boxer, and Erica doesn't know who she is anymore. This is an erotic novel that weaves a story of love, lust and healing.  My Secret White Baby Nikki's boyfriend Jordan is taking her for granted in a real way - she's lucky if she can get a word out of him, let alone some love and affection. So when her girl comes to visit, why shouldn't she hit up the club? Her innocent intentions don't mean much when Jake, the owner of the club, spots her on the dancefloor and decides he likes what he sees. Nikki has no plans to cheat, that is, until she gets a text from her friend with a picture of Jordan getting into some ho's car. A night of drunken, unprotected passion in the VIP is just the start for Nikki though, when a few weeks later she takes a pregnancy test only to find out that's pregnant with Jake's baby!  White Man's World Alexis is excited to start her new job working as a fashion designer, but when you're from the hood nothing comes easy, as she finds out when her low life ex-boyfriend Darryl shows up at her work. It's up to Matthew, her handsome boss, to handle the situation and do everything he can to make sure Alexis enjoys her time working for his company....  Sucking Her Way To Success Curvy, black and independent: Kisha definitely isn't the average woman working for the high fashion icon Mark Nobles, and she's reminded every day by the sideways glances and hateful glares of the skinny skanks she works with. The only good part of her job is when Mark's around, since his dominating and powerful presence leaves no room for any trifling attitudes so she can focus on her work. When Mark sets his eyes on her though, the last thing on his mind is work... He likes his woman thick, smart and with chocolate skin... and he's the type of man to get exactly what he wants. When he calls Kisha into his office it's for one reason and one reason only, and Kisha can't help but give in as he strips her and pushes her to her absolute limit right then and there in the middle of the work day - without a condom. .

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Black And White Adult Romance Bundle (ebook)


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