Forced To Fuck Family Mind Control 8 Pack (ebook)

Forced To Fuck Family Mind Control 8 Pack (ebook)

Sara Kitty
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8 hot stories of family sex mind control! Hypnotized & Impregnated by Daddy Forced to Fuck Daddy, But I Like It! Hypnotized by Daddy to be His Sweet Little Slut Dirty Daughter Mind Controlled by Daddy Daddy and Uncle Mind Control Me: Fucked in My Pussy Daddy Hypnotizes Me & Pounds my Pussy Wicked Witch: Daddy Mind Control Mind Control Family Gangbang Excerpt: All thoughts of resisting fell away.  “The instructions said this would take a few minutes to fully control you.  But now I am your master.” “Yes.  Yes you are,” I found myself responding.  John slid his finger into my pussy.  I gasped as he swirled it around my tight hole.  My gasp turned to a moan as he added another finger…and then another… His fingers went deeper each time he thrust into me.  He massaged my walls and sent shivers across my body.  I suddenly felt cold and thought the only way I’d feel warm again was with John’s cock inside of me.  “Fuck me, John,” I begged. My brother pulled away and peeled his clothes off.  I admired his thick and veiny cock that was standing at attention.  I was not surprised at all by how big he was.  I had often admired his package when I caught glimpses of it poking at his shorts.  I knelt before him and teased his tip with my tongue.  He moaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair.  He massaged my head as I licked up and down his shaft.  I really needed him inside of me, but I wanted to be a good sister and give him an amazing blowjob first.  Of course I’d make sure he didn’t cum so that I could save his seed for my hungry little pussy.  I wasn’t sure if I should tell him my secret…I was a virgin.  My big brother would be the first man to ever fill my tight little hole!.

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Forced To Fuck Family Mind Control 8 Pack (ebook)


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