T-Building. The Possible Evolution (ebook)

T-Building. The Possible Evolution (ebook)

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If you believe everything is possible, then T-Building is for you. Its main aim is to create beauty within us and around us, helping us to discover our own personal potential to improve ourselves, our lives and the places in which we live. T-Building comes along with an amazing project, which is carried out thanks to the active cooperation of people who desire to build something special not only for themselves, but also for all of those who deserve and desire to share new life experiences, believing strongly in one and only law: The Law of One, the Universal Connection. T-Building loves to work with our “Homes”, where the term “Home” assumes a much deeper meaning than that indicated by our house: the place where T-Building resides becomes a place where the Earth's spirit displays the maximum levels of its best potential. It becomes a place where Nature's perfection spreads gradually its own rules, improving ourselves and our environment. It becomes a place where we can meet and know the Earth's spirit, and to begin to communicate with it. It becomes a place where day after day our intuitive, spiritual and energetic potentialities grow. It becomes a place where we rediscover emotions that we did not remember existed. It becomes a magical place. Caterina Locati was born in Switzerland in 1974, but has always lived in Italy, where she took a Degree in Architecture and a Doctorate Degree in Research at the Politecnico University in Milan. In 2008 she felt the need to embark on a journey to improve and change personally, she decides to follow a basic course of PSYCH-K®. The benefits obtained were immediate: she then decided to continue, and attended the Advanced Course, the Professional, Divine Integration Retreat and finally the Health and Wellness Program. During this process she felt the need to create something really new, a project that was able to bring together her architectural background and all that she was learning thanks to PSYCH-K®. From that moment a progressive and enthusiastic journey of discovery began, which guided her to know T-Building. The spreading of this new incredible energy is now tied to a great Project that Caterina Locati recognizes to be the purpose of her life. A Project for us and for the Earth. .

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