The Three Chums (ebook)

The Three Chums (ebook)

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"The three chums", or "A tale of London everyday life", is a classic erotic novel published in "The Boudoir" (1883). It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes. Charles Warner, the son of a wealthy squire who owned a large estate in the Midlands, had just arrived in town, and taken up his apartments in Gower Street, for the purpose of becoming a medical student, as of course being only a younger son, and the freehold property all entailed, his jolly parent could think of nothing better in which his sharpest boy, as he called Charlie, would be so likely to make his way in the world. “Be a good lad, Charlie; stick to your profession, and I’ll set you up with ten thousand when you marry a girl with some tin; that’s the only thing a younger son can do. Should I die before that it’s left you in my will. Your allowance is £300 a year, to be £500 when you come of age; but mind, if you disgrace me or get into debt, I will turn you adrift without a penny, or pay your passage to Australia to get rid of you. My boy,” he finally added, a tear in his eye and a slight quiver of the lip, as he said tremulously, “you have always been a favourite; your old dad reckons on you to keep away from the girls and bad companions.” He was thinking over these last parting words of his father as he sat by the fireside after tea awaiting the call of his two cousins, Harry and Frank Mortimer, who had written to say they would call to take him out, and see how he liked the rooms they had found for him. This book tales the adventures of these three young lads in London with many, too many girls.

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The Three Chums (ebook)


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