Queen Moo'S Talisman The Fall Of The Mayan Empire (ebook)

Queen Moo'S Talisman The Fall Of The Mayan Empire (ebook)

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The meeting and subsequent adventures of Augustus and Alice Le Plongeon according to both of them was fated to occur. Their lives exceeded their wildest expectations and what they recorded and found in The Yucatan is undeniable. Both were astute photographers in an age of the infancy of the camera, it is more amazing when you understand they had to mix the chemicals by hand on the spot and within a short period of time produce the negative. All the while being surrounded by a hostile climate and rebellious natives. They believed in a world beyond what can be seen by the naked eye and as such they were some of the first Spiritual Archaeologist's that used methods of meditation and contact with the Spirit world to augment their knowledge of the Mayan world. Their discovery of the statue of Chaac Mool occurred because of the convergence of their knowledge of the Mayan language and culture, understanding the Mayan myth handed down from father to son, deciphering of the murals in the temples, clues from old Mayan manuscripts and being able to peer into the past by their ability to have a spiritual connection to that time. The conclusion of Augustus Le Plongeon that the Maya was the center of the antediluvian (before the deluge) world from which cultures such as Egypt and India originated from is in my opinion not so far from the truth. What we understand now is that Atlantis and Mu were the original motherland of the modern world as we know it. That colonists before and at the time of the destruction of Atlantis spread their civilization to the ancient world of Mexico (colonists later named as the The Olmecs) bringing with them, their scientists and philosphers. Subsequent peoples from Atlantis and Mu spread to Egypt, India, Tibet, China and the Mediterranean. Alice first published 'Queen Moo's Talisman, The Fall of The Mayan Empire' in 1902. It tells the story of the fall of the Royal family of Chichen Itza through war, lust and greed and the connection of the Mayan Empire to Atlantis. The author's Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore have taken Alice's story and re-edited (with her permission) to place the work before a modern audience for easy reading. .

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