Sensual Networking - Episode I: Setup (ebook)

Sensual Networking - Episode I: Setup (ebook)

L. Midas
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An overnight sensation in Brazil, Sensual Networking topped the major “best-sellers” lists in the country for 14 weeks in 2014 winning the hearts of readers and critics alike. “This book breathes new life into the forgotten ‘Erotic Thriller’ genre” Minas News- Feb 18th, 2014 “Sensual Networking is 50 Shades meets Tarantino” São Paulo Daily-Feb 24th, 2014 “L.Midas is poised to become Brazil’s new Paulo Coelho of the ‘hot’ books” Rio Express-March 1st 2014 Sensual Networking has been entirely revised and adapted to English by the author himself and is presented in three episodes of about 150 traditional pages each. Episode I: Setup begins the saga, which is set in existing scenarios in Brazil, USA and around the world, a sensual plot that has kept thousands of readers breathless awake for more than one reason… Sensual Networking is an erotic thriller with a modern theme: the social networks and the on-line world with all its inherent possibilities and dangers. And how the Internet, while providing a nearly unlimited options of things to see, buy or do, can lead us into favoring the tempting promises of the virtual in detriment of our real lives and relationships. Eager to know more? A 45- second video-trailer as well as other goodies can be found on the Face-book fan page “SNETSERIES”. Or you can try your luck and shoot a message directly to LMIDAS himself using his Face profile. Get ready, set and start a virtual adventure that will excite all your senses!.

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Sensual Networking - Episode I: Setup (ebook)


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