The Man Who Killed Texas Jones (ebook)

The Man Who Killed Texas Jones (ebook)

Fabio Novel
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THE MAN WHO KILLED TEXAS JONES (a short story) A slipknot dangles from a solitary tree, in a wrong place. A warning? A promise? It is a fair question for a gang of outlaws, coming straight from a bloodstained robbery. Their leader, the infamous Texas Jones, has the answer: he was the one who built such sinister gallows. Why? The explanation will taste of lead and blood, in a face-off that will also – and, perhaps, above all – be with the past. “The Man Who Killed Texas Jones” tells a story of the frontier with the noir’s raspy and embittered voice. A vibrant and punctual homage to the western genre. THE AUTHOR As a writer, Fabio Novel (Trieste, 1966) loves confronting himself with a plurality of literary genres. His debut on the Italian market was with the novel “Scatole siamesi” (Nord 2002, Delos Books 2010), a spy/SF thriller set in a future South East Asia. He has published a number of short stories for several Italian publishers. Among his books available in the ebook format: the thrillers “Sangue Khmer”, “Phuket Inferno” and “Fiori per Diana”, and the fantasy “Magda”, “Il raccolto” and “La Casa dei Sogni e delle Speranze”. He has also produced essays for magazines, books and other publications. He collaborates with Italian webzines such as, and For Mondadori, the leading Italian publisher, he has edited two special issues of the Segretissimo series: the VV.AA. spy fiction anthologies “Legion” (2008) e “Noi siamo Legione” (2015). “The Man Who Killed Texas Jones” is his first ebook translated into English. .

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