Baldness - Its Causes, Its Treatment And Its Prevention (ebook)

Baldness - Its Causes, Its Treatment And Its Prevention (ebook)

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Dedication Many people might be helped or comforted by timely advice and treatment from their family physician before being obliged to consult the hair-specialist, particularly those who lack the time, the opportunity or the money to take special treatment. This work has been undertaken in the hope that it may arouse the general practitioner to take more interest in and have more knowledge of a subject which is of first importance to more persons than any but the specialist realizes. In this hope this work is dedicated to my colleagues in the profession. Richard W. Muller, M.D., A.M.A., Ac.Med. Table of Contents Dedication Note Introduction Chapter I. The Scalp and the Hair Uses of Hair A. The Anatomy of the Hair and its Appendages Types of hair Hair Centers, or Whorls Anatomical Anomalies of the Hair Follicle Length of Life and Growth of Hair Malformation of the Hair Chapter II. Loss of Hair The Various Causes of Falling Out of the Hair The Early Symptoms of Abnormal Loss of Hair and Baldness Chapter III. Baldness (Alopecia) Chapter IV. Diseases Causing Baldness Seborrhea Eczema Seborrhoicum of Unna Pruritus in Seborrhea and other Diseases Abscesses of the Scalp Acne Acne Keloid, or Sycosis Vulgaris Acne Necrotica Carbuncle Folliculitis Furuncle Impetigo Tubercular Diseases of the Scalp Ringworm (Herpes Tonsurans, Trichophyton) Favus Chapter V. Loss of Hair Chapter VI. Prematurely Gray Hair—Canites Conclusion Chapter VII. Hygiene Hair Pointers General Rules Points for Local Troubles Chapter VIII. General Therapy Regrowth of the Hair Electrotherapy Roentgen Rays Radium and Finsen The Quartz Lamp Treatment Chapter IX. Examination of the Scalp1 Etiology or Causes of Baldness Chapter X. Technique of the Examination of Hair and Scales Information Gained by the Examination of Hair and Scales Chapter XI. The Microscopic Examination of the Marrow-Canal for Diagnostic Purposes Chapter XII. Treatment for Hair Loss in General Chapter XIII. Therapy and Formulary for the Use of Practitioners Only Glossary.

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Baldness - Its Causes, Its Treatment And Its Prevention (ebook)


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