Grey Noise - Conversations With Yoni Rei (ebook)

Grey Noise - Conversations With Yoni Rei (ebook)

Pepe Rojo
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If you loved the seductive car crashes in "Crash" by James Ballard and the grotesque surgery of "The Skin I Live In" by Pedro Almodovar, then the stories of Pepe Rojo will remain in your memory for very long time. “Grey Noise” is a striking short story – set in a near-future city that could be Mexico City just like any other metropolis – where technology and humans have become one thing. In particular, reporters have turned into cyborgs to film and stream anything live using a camera implanted in their eyes. Thru the eye-camera of the main character we become testimony of the sad and true fate of the future, where people – more or less willingly – lose their privacy to keep themselves constantly in contact with a monitor that makes them part of the same technology they depend from. “Conversations with Yoni Rei” traces the protagonist’s life, from his birth in a corporation lab, until his death, passing through his numerous attempts to fight his own creators. Pepe Rojo’s fiction incorporates many postmodernist themes: the corrosive effects of corporate values; the paradoxical inability to communicate with others; a fascination with the power of cybernetics and its destructive potential. Juan José “Pepe” Rojo (1968 - ) was born in Chilpancingo, the capital of the state of Guerrero. He lived there and in Acapulco before setting in Mexico City, where he currently resides with his wife and editorial collaborator, Deyanira Torres. He has a degree in communication sciences and teaches part time, coedits fanzines, and freelances as a communicator service specialist. .

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