Tears Of Steel (ebook)

Tears Of Steel (ebook)

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Jacques' heart is haunted by the faded ghost of a distant father he has tried to forget, and by the tender shadow of a girl's smile he cannot remember. To dull his pain, he falls into hedonism: exotic locales, thrilling escapades and above all, beautiful women. Fleeing his wife's alcoholism, his memories of his first love, and his fear of becoming like his father, Jacques struggles to find an escape. He finds it in the embrace of a string of beautiful women he encounters while traveling on business. Women in hotel piano-bars, at reception desks, and throughout his high-flying life, all strive vainly to mend his broken heart. Each of these short-lived love affairs, passionate and thrilling, is brought to a similar abrupt ending. He spurns these tender efforts, carrying deep in his heart a grim determination to find the woman he has always loved, without knowing who it was that called out to him to wait for her. Many times he reaches the cusp of recollection, never quite able to find her; she remains a faded anemone between the yellowed pages of his memory. Not, that is, until he feels the death's frosty kiss upon him in the moments before a nearly fatal crash. Behind a bloodstained dashboard of his small plane, the shadow of her smile appears once more, and with it, her memory. The only woman he ever loved may find a way to return from death, just as she promised, in order to bring him back to life. Left to negotiate the messy world of human emotions, he blames his father for never loving him, and the sole reason, as he believes, for the disasters of his emotional world. This struggle to prove himself to an absent, disapproving father would define the life of this incredible man, marking him both for better and for worse. While continuing his studies in Germany, Jacques met the girl whose perfection would haunt him throughout his life. For both of them, this felt like a reunion, as though they were finding each other, and losing each other again and again.

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