The Adventures Of Peter Vole (ebook)

The Adventures Of Peter Vole (ebook)

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Peter Vole sets out alone on a journey, but once again finds himself in trouble.There is more to the beautiful forest than meets the eye...We see how the wicked Weasel Willoughby manages to upset everybody, and how, eventually, Peter comes through all his trials - with the help of his friends. "Erika Gönczi and her hero, Peter Vole set off together into the big world to captivate the hearts of children. Their mission is far from over, because she has already achieved great success abroad with her wonderful storybooks!” – Marie Claire “Once in a great while you come across a talent that is worthy of paying attention to… Erika Gonczi is such a talent. I’m not one who normally reads children’s books, but when I came across Erika’s lovely stories and drawings of charming little ‘Peter Vole’ I felt something that I had not experienced in a long time from a book… I was genuinely touched. This feeling was all the more unusual for me because it actually came from a children’s book. Her writing is so tender, lyrical, and beautifully descriptive that I was sincerely interested in the adventures of this wonderful little character and his assortment of colorful friends. And, every one of her stories says something relevant about how we live our lives which resonates deeply with you… Anyone who discovers the delightful stories of this talented young writer – along with her wonderfully whimsical and evocative graphics – is in for a very enjoyable experience.” – Lawrence D. Foldes; director, producer – Los Angeles “Erika Gönczi is a 27 year old graphic designer who has started to publish her very own story books for kids. Her first character is Samson Mouse and his friend Peter Vole who are the main characters in her first story book entitled 'The Adventures of Peter Vole - The Enchanted Key'. In this new adventure of Peter Vole and Samson Mouse we cannot resist following them to a mysterious land, where we learn how useful pollen is and what extraordinary things can happen when children can't get to sleep at night. With beautiful illustrations and a sweet story, this is definitely one the kids will enjoy.” – MummyPages Magazin; Ireland's largest family life website.

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Gönczi Erika
EPub con DRM
Infantiles y juveniles
Infantil 9-12 años - LECTURAS


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