We Have A Dream... From The Material Of Our Courses (ebook)

We Have A Dream... From The Material Of Our Courses (ebook)

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More than 150 courses, thousands of attendants. We reached the point that we now realize, the world is ready for a big change. We see from week to week during our courses the composition of the attendants: from 20 years old to 70 years old, from pizza couriers to brain surgeons, all ages and social groups are represented. Everyone interested in this topic. Everyone is in trouble! Sexuality is a taboo to such an extent that today the vast majority of people are unaware of the most basic concepts. Just a few examples: For women, the development of the masturbatory orgasm program, acquiring the conscious control of orgasm, etc.. For men, the ability to control erection, ability to experience orgasm without ejaculation and the most basic techniques for forced-pleasuring involving both genders. These are all basic concepts. So much that the ancient religious holy books explaining the most technique (Kabbalah, Mahabharata, Vedas, etc.) do not even cover them. After all, they treat their readers with the assumption that all are aware of these basics. What a treasure of knowledge was lost in the course of thousands of years of wars waged between the isms! We only found out during our courses about the fact that all these concepts are unknown to the modern people. Therefore, we wrote this book in an easily readable form, without trying to be needlessly scientific, sometimes being cynical and with a very straightforward manner. Because this is a very clean and honest world, rightfully belonging to everyone who was born a human. What can anyone expect who reads this? You often will be dumbfounded, surprised and first of all you will laugh a lot. Just don't do one thing! Do not get offended! You cannot help that you did not know that you did not know! .

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