On The Way To A Jewish State (ebook)

On The Way To A Jewish State (ebook)

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The phrase, “A Jewish state in the Land of Israel” plucks at the deepest heartstrings of every yearning Jew. For generations, since the destruction of the Temple and the exile to the diaspora, we have believed and hoped, prayed and dreamed about the ingathering of the exiles and our return to living in our Land standing tall, asking God to “break the yoke of the nations from over our necks and lead us to our land standing tall.” The ultimate goal of our yearning is the complete redemption, the arrival of Mashiach and the construction of the Temple. There is no doubt that a Jewish state is an essential and central component of the grand picture of the redemption of the Jewish People. Yet, it is clear that the state that was established on 5th Iyar 5708 (1948), as it stands today, is still a far cry from that dreamlike vision that has warmed our hearts for almost two thousand years. It is not difficult to understand why many Torah and mitzvah observant Jews are reluctant to identify themselves with the state and its symbols. Attesting to this problem are the festivities of Yom Ha'atzmaut, around which rages a long and intense controversy within the religious community in Israel. One might suppose that the differences of opinions will not end in the near future. However, we can and must arise above them and join together when it comes to the main issue, which is: what type of state do we want and what are we doing to achieve it? This is a constructive and positive activity that not only relates to what has been and what currently exists, but mainly turns its face to the future with the goal of rectifying and healing reality. Recent Campaigns Aimed at Making the Material in this Booklet a Reality: • Class at David's Tomb on the 14th of Iyar to strengthen and encourage participants regarding the eternal Jewish right to this holy site. • 20,000 flyers on the importance of our system distributed in Meron on Lag Ba'omer.

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