The Mythical Emblems Of Gragodon – Volume 1 (ebook)

The Mythical Emblems Of Gragodon – Volume 1 (ebook)

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The realms of living beings are no longer the same as what we are used to seeing. Far into the future, our Earth has undergone one cataclysmic upheaval after another such that the past civilizations of human beings and their cities lie buried deep in its crust. What remains is the bare earth, the seas and vast lands, devoid of any monumental buildings or skyscrapers to speak of. And yet, the inhabitants of this new world have the same longings and desires that have all along guided the race of human beings in their varied paths - towards the pursuit of power and greater glory. In this medieval setting, evolved breeds of humans inhabit the world with other never-before-seen creatures. Some of these are the ferocious lion-like citizens of Regnadea, the brawny Bezgrodh of the sandy plains, winged Gleidera of the Orvidean kingdom, fierce Reptila from the Solmian realm, warrior maidens from the Sol Hills, powerful Sorcerers who think nothing of bringing forth mighty weapons of destruction, and an intelligent race of people dwelling deep under the ocean. Distrust runs deep amongst the different races of beings. They prefer mostly to have nothing to do with any from the other races. Should one stray into the domain of the other, that person would least likely return to his own kind. The inhabitants of the seven realms of living beings are careful not to provoke one another. The annals of the past ages have taught them the value of an enduring peace. And yet, when one suddenly comes upon the secrets to employing vast mystical might, the fateful happenings of long ages do not seem so daunting anymore. A renewed confidence comes into play. Once again, the way forward looks promising. The need, to dominate over all the races of living beings, takes on a new meaning. A struggle for supreme power ensues. Many lives are lost in the process.

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The Mythical Emblems Of Gragodon – Volume 1 (ebook)


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