Junior Classics, V5, Edited (ebook)

Junior Classics, V5, Edited (ebook)

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Contents / Arabian Nights / Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves / The Story of Aladdin; or the Wonderful Lamp / Sindbad the Sailor / Robinson Crusoe / Robinson Crusoe is Shipwrecked, by Daniel Defoe / Alone on a Desolate Island, by Daniel Defoe / The Building of the Boat, by Daniel Defoe / Finds the Print of a Man's Foot on the Sand, by Daniel Defoe / Friday Rescued from the Cannibals, by Daniel Defoe / Robinson Crusoe Rescued, by Daniel Defoe / Gulliver's Travels / Gulliver is Shipwrecked and Swims for His Life, by Jonathan Swift / Gulliver at the Court of Lilliput, by Jonathan Swift / Gulliver Captures Fifty of the Enemy's Ships, by Jonathan Swift / Gulliver Leaves Lilliput, by Jonathan Swift / Gulliver in the Land of the Giants, by Jonathan Swift / Some of Gulliver's Adventures, by Jonathan Swift / Gulliver Escapes from the Eagle, by Jonathan Swift / The Plays Of Shakespeare / A Midsummer-Night's Dream, by E. Nesbit / The Tempest, by E. Nesbit / As You Like It, by E. Nesbit / The Merchant of Venice, by E. Nesbit / Pilgrim's Progress / Christian Starts on His Journey, by John Bunyan / The Interpreter Shows Christian Many Excellent Things, by John Bunyan / Christian's Fight With the Monster Apollyon, by John Bunyan / Christian and Hopeful are Captives in Doubting Castle, by John Bunyan / Christian and Hopeful Arrive at the Coelestial City, by John Bunyan / Ivanhoe And Guy Mannering, by Sir Walter Scott / Ivanhoe, by Sir Edward Sullivan / Guy Mannering, by Sir Edward Sullivan / The Startling Adventures Of Baron Munchausen / An Adventure With a Lion and a Crocodile, by R. E. Raspe / Crossing the Thames Without the Aid of Bridge, Boat or Balloon, / by R. E. Raspe / Two Strange Adventures in Russia, by R. E. Raspe / Shooting a Stag With Cherrystones, by R. E. Raspe / The Baron's Wonderful Dog, by R. E. Raspe.

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Junior Classics, V5, Edited (ebook)


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