The Great Events By Famous Historians, Volume 5 (ebook)

The Great Events By Famous Historians, Volume 5 (ebook)

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Editor: Rossiter Johnson, Supervising Editor; Charles F. Horne and / John Rudd, Literary Editors; Walter F. Austin, Directing Editor / Contents: / An Outline Narrative of the Great Events, by Charles F. Horne / Feudalism: its Frankish Birth and English Development, by / William Stubbs / Decay of the Frankish Empire, by Francois P. G. Guizot / Career of Alfred the Great, by Thomas Hughes and John R. Green / Henry the Fowler Founds the Saxon Line of German Kings, by / Wolfgang Menzel / Conquest of Egypt by the Fatimites, by Stanley Lane-Poole / Growth and Decadence of Chivalry, by Leon Gautier / Conversion of Vladimir the Great, by A. N. Mouravieff / Leif Ericson Discovers America, by Charles C. Rafn / Mahometans in India, by Alexander Dow / Canute Becomes King of England, by David Hume / Henry III Deposes the Popes, by Ferdinand Gregorovius and Joseph Darras / Dissension and Separation of the Greek and Roman Churches, by Henry F. / Tozer and Joseph Deharbe / Norman Conquest of England, by Sir Edward S. Creasy / Triumphs of Hildebrand, by Arthur R. Pennington and Artaud de Montor / Completion of the Domesday Book, by Charles Knight / Decline of the Moorish Power in Spain, by S. A. Dunham / The First Crusade, by Sir George W. Cox / Foundation of the Order of Knights Templars, by Charles G. Addison / Stephen Usurps the English Crown, by Charles Knight / Antipapal Democratic Movement, by Johann A. W. Neander / Decline of the Byzantine Empire, by George Finlay / Universal Chronology, by John Rudd.

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