The Battle For Tomorrow (ebook)

The Battle For Tomorrow (ebook)

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As the story begins, Angela Jones is the primary caretaker of her invalid mother. Having taken on the responsibilities of an adult, she is still treated as a child by law. A 23-year-old political activist opens her eyes to the urgent issues facing humanity, including the sinking economy and catastrophic climate change, problems that will result in alarming consequences for future life. Ange is arrested during the protest and winds up in a juvenile detention facility. While there, she finds herself fighting for the right to live independently, in opposition to laws that require her to be released to a parent or guardian. The intended audience is mature young adult (age 16-24); parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with teens; and activists. Hopefully readers will come away with new insight into the way difficult family circumstances influence values and attitudes in adolescents, as well as new understanding into the circumstances that motivate any individual to become an activist. The book is quite sexually explicit and frankly addresses teen sexuality, contraception and abortion. It also highlights the problem with age discrimination faced by American teenagers, the worst in the industrialized world. The Battle for Tomorrow won a 2011 North Atlantic Booksellers Exchange (NABE) Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
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Novela negra/policiaca
Novela negra
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The Battle For Tomorrow (ebook)


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