Death Rites (ebook)

Death Rites (ebook)

D.v. Berkom
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When Kate has to leave Alaska (and Sam) behind, she runs to the last place she remembers feeling safe: the North Shore of Oahu. Against her better judgment, she re-establishes old connections, and soon faces a new problem in Alek, a gifted carver and avid surfer. Then a brutal murder and theft of a priceless artifact from a museum is discovered, and Kate's thrown into the middle of what appears to be a violent ancient sect come to life. Her only chance of survival is to rely on her wits... ...and the ancient gods of Hawaii. Review by T.M. Hobbs, author/blogger: "Kate is in danger once again. This time, however, it's not what you think. Ms. Berkom has once again pulled me into the world of Kate Jones for mystery, danger, and the rush of knowing you're running for your life..." Review by AMosa, reviewer: "Death Rites is the continuing adventures of Kate Jones. In Berkom's latest, Kate has runoff to the North Shore of Hawaii after barely escaping Alaska with her life. Sam, the man she was falling for in Alaska was almost killed protecting her. Feeling guilty and a bit broken hearted, she hopes to rest and relax in the sun before moving someplace else to once again hide from those who want her dead. Throughout the series, Kate has always known who her enemie were. She wrongly thought Hawaii safe. This time Kate discovers that enemies can come in all forms. Like another "Jones"--Indiana--Kate finds that ancient sects with a lust for blood sacrifices and believed dead and gone can resurrect themselves. Death Rites is another fast, fun read through the roller coaster life of D.V. Berkom's heroine.".

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