Soldier, Lily, Peace And Pearls - Third Edition (ebook)

Soldier, Lily, Peace And Pearls - Third Edition (ebook)

Con Cú
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The Communist victories in Cambodia and Vietnam in 1975 end a long and devastating war, but for some, the new era is one of persecution. Quan, a boy, and his family are sent by the Khmer Rouge to a collective farm along the Thai border. Minh Chau, a young girl, is imprisoned with her mother and older sister. When Quan and Minh Chau later meet in a refugee camp in Malaysia, Quan becomes the young girl’s protector. When he must use violence to save her from an attack, he loses his chance to come with her to Canada. In Quebec City, Mathieu Hibou, a university student, helps Minh Chau and her family integrate into Canadian society before leaving to work as a development worker in Africa. Several years later, Mathieu suffers an unimaginable loss during the Rwandan genocide, a loss that Minh Chau will help to heal. Quan finds his way illegally to Canada and meets Minh Chau again. Through friendship and love, all three help one another overcome the pain of their pasts and live life to its fullest. Critical acclaim from other authors The writer’s understated style gently weaves this tapestry of life, trauma, love and bloodshed; and as the lives, experiences and relationships deepen - the writer’s passion for life and love comes into full bloom and culminate in a poignant epilogue. P.T. Straub, The Ordinary Adept, Authorhouse Such a moving story, well-written too. I was impressed with how you switched back and forth between the characters without getting their stories lost. Well done! Sonia Saikaley, The Lebanese Dishwasher, Quattro Press The story is brilliantly told. I read the last three quarters of the book all in one sitting and was caught up in the narrative and the characters. Chris Turner, Denibus Ar, Innersky Press And from our readers A portrait of the current human condition emerges. As his many characters develop, we share their sorrows, joys and loves in a true kaleidoscope of events. Michael Scott-Harston, Ottawa, The novel really is a wonderful, touching tale of how the human spirit overcomes adversity. The author Con Cú has mastered the art of simplicity and economy of words, without foregoing the occasional stroke of poetic genius. BPOTS, Cultus Lake.

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Soldier, Lily, Peace And Pearls - Third Edition (ebook)


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