Inbetween Episode 5 (ebook)

Inbetween Episode 5 (ebook)

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Inbetween Episode 5 You are eighty-four years old. You are finally savouring the freedom that comes with age. What can anyone do to an old man? And what do you have to fear, other than man's common fate? Unless you are Albert Galan and you are one of those men who has shaped his life rather than simply living it. You have negotiated the years of the last century and you cannot imagine concluding your life – a life that has been all about decision and determination – without leaving the world you are a part of something that obsesses you and to which you have never, in all this time, found a solution. What Albert Galan doesn't know, but is going, reluctantly, to discover, is that his obsession is of interest to certain men in the East, Ukranians and Europeans, who don't want his past to resurface. Ukraine wants to join Europe, the Europeans want the same thing, the Russians are against it. Albert Galan will find himself caught up in the middle of opposing national interests and he will feel the power of sovereign states brought to bear on individual history. There are those who will not hesitate to use force or even to threaten his life. About the author: Malvina Tedgui has already written 3 others books. She is wellknown as a good writer and Rachel, her heroin, is between the Mentalist and Sherlock Holmes. .

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Inbetween Episode 5 (ebook)


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