«Two Skeletons In The Closet» Of The German Reunification. (ebook)

«Two Skeletons In The Closet» Of The German Reunification. (ebook)

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Now, it is about a topic of this work. The big part of text is dedicated to the largest and, I suppose, the most important country in Europe. This is Germany. The fact that Germans had not comprehended their own nature, its basics, led to two world wars, greatest tragedies of the 20th century. But even today one can authoritatively add that they have not studied historical lesson properly. As the last crisis showed, the German «market command economy socially-oriented» is far from the most effective economic systems in the world, the German pension system, was near to collapsing in 2013, but the main example for the above thesis is the German reunification. Still today many Germans are indignant with the Soviet «occupying forces», comrade Stalin, the whole Russia and Russian people over the establishment of GDR. Strange, but they do not remember their own unique contribution to the development of communist doctrine! Were it not for the two key Marxists, Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin and some other German activists too, would communism develop in a way it did? May the establishing in the east part of the Germany of the separate «republic of workers and peasants» not be seen as the return of «the spectre of communism», what was glorified by Marx in his famous «manifesto», to its «historical homeland»? Others reasons for charges against Russia are Berlin Wall and East German security service Stasi. But it might have been much worse! For example, the Ulbricht Mausoleum in Alexanderplatz with a mummy of «comrade Walter» inside could be added to this list of «sights of GDR»! And, I am sure, if it happened the «soiled reputation» of Russian folk would become dirtier!.

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