Mediator Between Worlds (ebook)

Mediator Between Worlds (ebook)

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Jason Dawn is a very special kind of vampire and becomes some kind of an undercover agent for the Police Department in Hamburg. And there is also a special woman in his undead life. Excerpt: Rita Hold tiptoed into the kitchen wearing only her slippers and nightgown. It was ten past one in the morning and she couldn’t sleep; time for a midnight snack. Without bothering to turn on the light she took a glass out of the sideboard and opened the fridge. A split-second later the glass shattered on the tiles. For a short moment, the light from the fridge had illuminated the dark shape sitting at the kitchen table. Rita had been scared witless and dropped the glass. She hastily switched on the light. “Jason!” she called out relieved. “What the hell are you doing in my kitchen in the middle of the night?” Irritation had immediately replaced fright. The young man clothed in black leisurely waved his hand by way of greeting. “Hi Rita; I don’t suppose you’d like to offer me something to drink?” A mixture of sarcasm and arrogance laced his voice and he grinned at the double entendre in his words. After all, the young woman knew that he was a creature from another world – a vampire. “What do you want?” asked Rita without responding to his provocation. Inwardly she was concerned about her appearance and quickly buttoned-up her nightgown. She had met Jason Dawn, former lead singer of the English rock band ‘The Damned’, a few weeks earlier and he himself had revealed his true identity to her. At the time, he had only spoken English with her, but now he spoke German with a slight accent. “Don’t worry, you look ravishing,” he said with an insolate grin.

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Carol Grayson
EPub con DRM
Novela - Narrativa
Novela Española e Hipanoamericana
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Mediator Between Worlds (ebook)


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