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  • How do I contact Ticket Office?
    For any doubts, queries, suggestions or complaints about our service please contact El Corte Inglés Ticket Office by email at venta_entradas@elcorteingles.es.
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  • Ticket Office terms & conditions

    Purchasing a ticket implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

    - Only the first ticket presented at the venue will be accepted as valid; no subsequent attempts to access the venue with the same ticket will be accepted.

    - You must present the ticket at the venue entrance area where a scanner will only allow access to the first holder of a printed ticket with the same barcode.

    - The ticket purchaser assumes all liability if the ticket is presented in duplicate, photocopied or falsified, and will lose their rights to access the venue.

    - The Organisation accepts no responsibility for tickets not purchased at official points of sale.

    - Any amended or damaged tickets, or tickets suspicious of forgery, will authorise the Organiser to prevent its bearer accessing the venue.

    - Upon entering the venue the audience may be searched according to Law. Objects considered dangerous by the Organisation or prohibited by current regulations may not be taken into the venue.

    - The following are not permitted at sporting events: alcoholic drinks; weapons or objects that may be used as such; flares or similar; and individuals under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, stimulants or similar substances.

    - Right of admission reserved. The Organisation is entitled to refuse entrance to the venue once the event has begun.

    - For musical, theatre and film shows all copyright and intellectual property rights are reserved. The show may not be filmed or recorded without written authorisation from the Organiser.

    - Applicable agreements and current legislation shall apply for all other events.

    - Tickets may not be refunded or exchanged; their purchase is final.

    - Tickets may not be used for advertising purposes without prior written authorisation from the Organisation.

    - The ticket issuer assumes no obligations or liabilities applicable to the Organiser.

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