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Innovation is one of the hallmarks of the company, which constantly introduces the latest developments in fields as diverse as fashion and accessories, interior decoration and the home, technology, food and catering and culture.

El Corte Inglés


World leader in department stores

With a strong foothold in theSpanish market and presence in Portugal

2017 saw the merger of El Corte Inglés and Hipercor, with the aim of enhancing and complementing the commercial offer for customers, while taking advantage of synergies between the two commercial formats.

El Corte Inglés incorporates innovations into all of its operational areas: fashion, interior decoration, the cutting edge in technology or sports, pioneering offerings in food and catering, culture and entertainment, etc. This, coupled with quality and guarantee commitments, makes it possible to satisfy the different tastes and needs of customers.

Omni-channel commitment to greater integration between physical stores and the on-line world. The Click&Express service, which makes it possible to make deliveries in less than two hours or in the time slot selected by the customer, has been a remarkable success.

At its shopping centres, El Corte Inglés has introduced payment by mobile and the progressive digitisation of establishments, which incorporates screens with real-time information on both price and product characteristics, salespeople with tablets, paper catalogues with augmented reality via mobile phones...

Name or Trading Name El Corte Inglés

  • Registered Office: Calle Hermosilla, 112. 28009 - Madrid.
  • Mail:
  • Telephone number: 91 401 85 00
  • Tax ID no.: A-28017895
  • Madrid Registry of Commerce: Tomo 677 Gral. 61, Sección 4ª del L. de S., Hoja 8085, Folio 182.
  • Website:



Supercor, Supercor Exprés and Supercor Stop&Go convenience stores

Quick and agile purchasing of basic food, household and perfumery products

The chain recently reached an agreement with Repsol to become the central purchasing body for approximately 3,500 service stations that are incorporated into the oil group.

Food and, especially, fresh products are the most common items in the supermarket, as they confer a differentiating character, both for the quality of products and competitive prices on offer. In Supercor supermarkets, customers can make their purchase from trays of fresh products or be looked after by specialist personnel.

Supercor Express is aimed more at the quick and agile purchase of basic food, medicine and perfumery products. In addition to the leading brands, the group’s own brands, such as El Corte Inglés, Aliada and Special Line have a strong presence in this supermarket format.

In addition, progress has been made on a project with Repsol in which there are Supercor Stop&Go sections in service stations. One of the characteristics of this type of business proposal is that it offers very competitive prices similar to those of any other supermarket.

Name or Trading Name Supercor, S.A.

  • Registered address: Hermosilla, 112. 28009 Madrid.
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number: 901 122 122
  • Tax ID no.: A - 78476397
  • Madrid Registry of Commerce: Volume 7.729, General 6689, Section 3 of the Companies Register, Sheet 79966, Folio 39, Inscription 1.
  • Website:



Constant renewal, variety and quality at the best price

Fashion collections inspired by the latest trends

Sfera was created in 2001 as a chain of stores specialising in fashion and accessories, with a wide range of clothing for men, women and children presented in lines of formal fashion, sports-city fashion, and weekend and leisure clothes.

Its own collections of women’s lingerie, men’s underwear and a special line for babies are also worth noting. 

Sfera boasts an exclusive team of designers, which constantly incorporates fashion collections inspired by the latest trends into its stores. The result is comfortable, current garments at an affordable price, designed so that everyone can find their style.

It is also committed to continuous innovation, variety and quality at the best price on the market, locating its stores in the best shopping areas in the cities where it operates, with corners in El Corte Inglés shopping centres. Likewise, it has stores outside Europe in Latin America, Middle East and South-east Asia.

Name or Trading Name Sfera Joven, S.A

  • Registered address: Hermosilla, 112. 28009 Madrid.
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number: 901 122 122
  • Tax ID no.: A - 83036137
  • Madrid Registry of Commerce: Volume 16,688. Book 0, Folio 40, Section 8, Sheet M - 284400. Inscription 1.
  • Website:

Óptica 2000


Óptica 2000, the optical and audiology chain committed to technology

Maximum optical qualitythrough the commercialisation of leading brands.

Óptica 2000 is the optical and audiology chain of the El Corte Inglés Group, which operates through its own shops located in El Corte Inglés and Hipercor shopping centres and independent establishments.

With a presence in Spain and Portugal, it was established with the philosophy of offering the most professional service with the highest optical quality by means of marketing leading brands. Its establishments offer a variety of models, always in line with the latest fashion trends and at competitive prices.

It remains committed to incorporating cutting-edge technologies: remote tele-ophthalmology system and lens bevelling. In addition, this year it launched the MIMIC Eyewear service, new glasses made to measure, personalised and adapted to each customer using 3D printing.

Name or Trading Name OPTICA 2000, S.L. 

  • Registered address: Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 613 8ª planta 08007 - Barcelona.
  • Mail:
  • Telephone number: 934 871 911
  • Tax ID no. B08422941
  • Registry of Commerce: Tomo 33506, Sección General, Folio 20, Hoja B-60967.
  • Website:



Bricor is the chain for hardware, DIY, interior decoration, garden and household renovations

The concept ofWe will do it for you has been strengthened, complementing the traditional Do-it-yourself

The hardware, DIY, interior decoration, garden and home improvements chain of the group has two types of commercial formats: large retailers that offer a wide range of products to the public and the urban format located in the El Corte Inglés stores, which makes it possible to respond to customers seeking DIY solutions at a very competitive price without having to travel to the outskirts of the city.

Bricor establishments have up to 40,000 items on display, depending on the size of the store. However, customers can always request any product even when it is not in their usual store. The ease of purchase through the website, which boasts a catalogue of 22,000 items, has to be added to this.

Bricor offers a wide range of services, especially in the area of home improvement. It has also reinforced the We will do it for you concept, complementing the traditional Do-it-yourself concept that predominates in the DIY sector.

Name or Trading Name Bricor, S.A

  • Registered address: Hermosilla, 112. 28009 - Madrid.
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number: 901 122 122
  • Tax ID no.: A - 50319771
  • Madrid Registry of Commerce: Volume 7257. Folio 165. Sheet No. M-117.627
  • Website:

Viajes El Corte Inglés


Spanish leader in travel agencies

Viajes ECI, which was established in 1969 now has more than 500 national and international offices

The Viajes El Corte Inglés management model is based on personalised attention which is capable of satisfying the needs of each customer, whether for professional or leisure trips or planning and organising congresses, conventions and business incentive trips. A team of professionals is responsible for giving advice on and organising the needs of each customer.

In addition, Viajes El Corte Inglés has a leading business division for corporate clients and is adapted to work efficiently with both large multinational corporations and SMEs.

The travel company has more than 500 offices and is present in countries such as France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, United States, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Uruguay, as well as Spain.

Name or Trading Name Viajes El Corte Inglés, S.A.

Informática El Corte Inglés


Technology consultancy adapted to business and digital transformation

Is the Group company which specialises in the integration of solutions and services

Technological consultancy tailored to the business and digital transformation.

Since its inception, it has based its growth on the evolution of its services, from the distribution of computer products and solutions (the initial reason for its constitution), to consultancy and the integration of e-business systems and solutions.

Its experience and knowledge of the market has led it to tackle major projects, both for public and private organisations in sectors as diverse as telecommunications, transportation, insurance and banking.

Also, its extensive knowledge of big data has allowed it to strengthen its presence in the international arena, especially in countries in Latin America, where it has carried out key projects.

Name or Trading Name Informática El Corte Inglés, S.A.

  • Registered address: Travesía Costa Brava. 28034 - Madrid.
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number: 913 87 47 00
  • Tax ID no.: A - 28855260
  • Registry of Commerce: Volume 51, book 44. Section 3, Folio 118, Sheet 60.783 - 1ª.

Grupo de Seguros


Broadest coverage and competitive economic conditions

The widest range of insurance and services for individuals and companies

The insurance company within the El Corte Inglés Group was created to meet the needs of customers by offering a wide range of comprehensive insurance products and services.

Centro de Seguros y Servicios

Centros de Seguros y Servicios is an insurance broker belonging to El Corte Inglés Group, with a presence in the Spanish market as an insurance broker since 1982.

Today, it is a benchmark for its implementation at a national level, its accessibility for policyholders, the generous opening hours for providing its services and for its expertise in risks of all types.

This has made it possible to improve and expand the insurance broking offer, with the launch of new products for cars, travel assistance, technological assistance and mobile telephony, and updating the conditions of products that are already established but in need of adaptation to new market requirements.

As far as the activity of mediating in financial products is concerned, it has concentrated its efforts on combining a selection of products from top managers with the simultaneous offer of exclusive products for El Corte Inglés customers.

Name or Trading Name Centro de Seguros y Servicios. Correduría de Seguros, S.A., Grupo de Seguros El Corte Inglés.

Seguros El Corte Inglés

Seguros El Corte Inglés, Vida, Pensiones y Reaseguros began operating in 1990 as an company insurance within the El Corte Inglés Group to meet the needs of customers, offering products such as life and accident insurance, savings insurance, temporary and lifetime annuity insurance, as well as pension plans.

Since its creation, its objective was to provide quality services and, to do this, it offered its customers the possibility of protecting and preparing their future, their families and also the staff of companies, all with the broadest coverage and competitive economic conditions.

Name or Trading Name Seguros El Corte Inglés, Vida, Pensiones y Reaseguros, S.A.

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