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Commitment to society

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Building the future beside community

El Corte Inglés is a company committed to the society, which maintains a
relationship of closeness to people and the environment.

At El Corte Inglés we have been next to society for more than 80 years with the commitment to improve the present and future of the environment in which we carry out our activity. We collaborate with organizations, associations and institutions, which allow us to launch cultural, sports and social projects with a positive impact.


  • To embed our business in the community and work with institutions, non-profits and forums in the business world and in the realm of conservation and promotion of arts and culture.
  • To engage actively with stakeholders by engaging in ongoing dialogue about community expectations and challenges.
  • To use the Group's businesses as a springboard for social action that creates shared value for the community and supports long-term sustainability.
  • To support specific supply chain-related projects in emerging countries and humanitarian crisis areas.
+ 2,000 social, cultural and sports activities



+ 130 sponsored sports

A key tool to promote respect, inclusivity and teamwork



+ de 1,200 activities
and cultural sponsorships

An instrument to contribute to people in disadvantaged situations



+ de 400 Community engagement 

An instrument to contribute to people in disadvantaged situations

Aimed at improvingpeople's lives

We build lasting alliances with foundations and charities to set in motion initiatives that contribute to progress in the community and support vulnerable groups.

Children and youth We are strongly committed and sensitive to the rights of children

Health and well-beingWe support and finance important research projects

Inclusive local developmentWe promote initiatives that favor the socioeconomic development of the areas in which we are present


“Moda re-“, a partnership with Cáritas to give a second life to clothes

We play an active role in the MODA re- project for managing and using unsold clothes or clothes donated at the Group's collection points. As part of this project, we set up a network of clothes containers in our stores. There are several destinations for clothes that cannot be reused, such as sorting for textile recycling projects or energy recovery, thus completing the circular economy cycle. For this, Caritas employs people at risk of social exclusion.

#ECISeVisteDeRosa campaign

On the occasion of the WHO's International Day against Breast Cancer, we placed themed products on our shelves and allocated part of the proceeds to breast cancer research. We also lit up the façades of our department stores with pink light and launched a line of themed shopping bags. We are also funding research by a multidisciplinary team at several hospitals.

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