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Commitment to society

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El Corte Inglés is a company committed to the society, which maintains a
relationship of closeness to people and the environment in which its shopping centres are located.

With over 80 years of history, we are fully integrated into and linked to society, and we take part in a number of local, regional, national and international activities, which strengthens our relationship with the environment.

+ more than 1,500 activities in 2020

carried out in the fields of sport, culture and social action





Culture is a powerful tool for social cohesion and a basic element for the development of society. This is why each year we launch a great many initiatives connected with literature, theatre, music, art, cinema, photography or dance.





Sport combines some of the intrinsic values of our Group, such as team work, harmonious coexistence among people and the spirit of self-improvement. 

We have been part of some important sporting competitions such as the Professional Football League and The Genuine League for people with disabilities, the ACB Basketball League and we also had the rank of a National Supporter during the Women’s Basketball World Cup.



Social action

Our sensitivity towards people who go through situations of particular difficulty leads us to channel part of our resources towards social and charitable initiatives. Some of the most noteworthy social actions include:

  • Collaboration with the Spanish Association against Cancer 
    Whom we support consistently through a number of initiatives with the aim of raising funds and publicising the aims of the association.
  • Permanent relationship with UNICEF
    Both in terms of the NGO’s products, which we sell at our centres, and the Juguetes Solidarios (Toys for Charity) campaign, for which we donate a portion of the sale to projects for children, as well as offering very reduced prices at Christmas.
  • Un juguete, una ilusión (One toy, one dream) campaign
    Is a charitable action that was set up with the aim of sending toys to countries with limited resources and various NGOs working on cooperation and child care projects.
  • Support for food banks
    Throughout the year, we carried out a number of actions to deliver staple food products to food banks. As well as the donations made by the company, we have had contributions from both customers and employees at the various El Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Supercor and Supercor Exprés centres. 





The children's world, through the Pitiflú project, also has its own program of activities. More than 300 activities online and celebrated in El Corte Inglés centers encourage children between the ages of 3 and 10 every year.


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