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Commitment to the environment

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At the El Corte Inglés Group, we are committed to and concerned for the environment and are making continuous efforts to improve impacts related to our commercial activity.

In this regard, our main efforts are related to reducing the consumption of resources (energy, water and fuel), preventing and recovering waste, as well as those aspects concerning the control 
of greenhouse gas emissions.

51 department stores and platforms boast Zero Waste Certification  

100% of our bags merchandise transport bags are certified

91,5%of waste recovered in centers with Zero Waste System 

- 10,7% electrical compsumtion compared to 2020

-8,5% C02 emisions 
compared to 2018

100%of the energy purchased in Spain comes from renewable sources



Our environmental policy encourages El Corte Inglés to reduce the impact of materials used, paying particular attention to reusing them. Furthermore, the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials has intensified.

We give priority to ecodesign, recyclability and the incorporation of secondary raw materials into our packaging.


The group's objective is to turn waste that cannot be reused into new resources, thus contributing to the circular economy, the pillar of the Europe 2020 strategy. This promotes a concept that seeks to mimic nature's circular model, where everything generated is a source for a new process.

In April 2019, the Group became the first distribution company to obtain Aenor Zero Waste certification in its department stores and platforms in Galicia. The programme already implemented successfully  in seven regions in Spain and in certain establishments in Portugal .

El Corte Inglés' goal is to have all its logistics centres and platforms certified by the end of 2020 and all Supercor establishments by 2025.


Reduction in 

-10.7%compared to 2019


Energy use and efficiency is one of the key environmental focus areas. It should be noted that the air-conditioning, lighting and elevator installations at El Corte Inglés centres in Spain and Portugal have been upgraded and modernised. These actions have resulted in annual savings of approximately 134,000,000 KWh.

These measures have led to a 10,7% reduction in electricity consumption  compared to 2019.

Reduction of 
-14.5%compared to


The aim of the Sustainable Water Management Plan in place at El Corte Inglés stores is aimed at implementing a series of measures that make it possible to reduce and optimise consumption without affecting comfort or the quality of the resource.

Last year we achieved a reduction in water consumption of 14.5% compared to 2019.

-8,5%of emissions with respect 2018


The most prevalent factor in calculating the carbon footprint of El Corte Inglés is indirect emissions associated to energy consumption. Therefore, energy efficiency measures directly affect the reduction of our emissions.

We managed to ensure that 100% of the energy we consume comes exclusively from renewable energy sources with no CO2 emissions and a guarantee of origin.

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