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Annual results2021


12.6 Billion €


Gross Operating Profit 

804.28 Million €





ESG Strategy


18% reduction in the plastic footprint in an increased sales scenario of the Supermarket Area compared to the same semester of the previous year.

60 Centers obtained the Zero Waste Certification; on target to certify an additional 53 centers during H2.

Transparency in climate change management, through ECI’s participation in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).

3% electricity consumption reduction in comparison to 2019 (pre-Covid).

On target to reach 5%  annual growth of sustainable references.
Firm commitment to developing a Transition plan to Net Zero in 2022.



Awarded with the “Equality Distinction” by Spain’s Ministry of Equality.

Implemented the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) tool for measuring social impacts.

Signed a Framework Agreement with the two main Spanish trade unions for their participation and co-responsibility throughout ECI's entire (multisectorial, worldwide) value chain.

Joined the SAC, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, with the goal of partnering with more than 250 leading fashion brands to reduce environmental and social impact in their global value chains.




Design and implementation of a High Level Plan for Sustainable Corporate Governance.

Design of a Board level dashboard for monitoring ESG performance.


Reviewed ECI's internal policies, protocols and procedures in matters of compliance in order ensure adherence to high ethical standards.

Launched the Risk Control and Management Function.

Implemented ECI’s integrated control model based on the principles of COSO's   Enterprise Risk Management.






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