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Group figures

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Main Figures

Total transaction value


Consolidated net profit

Net Debt


Total transaction value (million euros)
Business Line Fiscal Year 2023 Fiscal Year 2022*
Retail** 12,845 12,380.13
Travel 3,306 2,935.06
Other Businesses 287.34 295.69
Consolidation Adjustments and Eliminations (105.10) (116.77)
Total Transaction Value EL CORTE INGLÉS GROUP*** 16,333 15,494.11

*Figures restated for the change in revenue recognition criteria.

**In fiscal year 2022, Ízaro Films company is incorporated, previously in “Other lines of business”, proceeding to reclassify the corresponding imports from fiscal year 2021.

***The global revenue volume figure includes, mainly, in relation to the activity of Veci Travel Group, the gross income from transportation products, third-party combined, cruises and others, while the turnover includes the net.



EBITDA (million euros)
Business Line Fiscal Year 2023 Fiscal Year 2022*
Retail** 840 755.71
Travel 93 50.31
Other Businesses 25 30.46
Consolidation Adjustments and Eliminations 123 114.89
Total Transaction Value EL CORTE INGLÉS GROUP 1,081 951.37

*Figures restated for the change in revenue recognition criteria.

**In 2022, this category included Ízaro Films, formerly included under “Other business lines”, and the 2021 figures were restated accordingly.

Relevant information

The 2023 fiscal year (between March 1, 2023 and February 29, 2024) has meant for the El Corte Inglés Group has achieved in fiscal its highest Recurring Net Income since 2009, displaying significant growth across its main areas of activity.

The Group's financial strength is also reflected in a decrease in net financial debt that has stood at 2,059 million euros, the lowest level in the last 16 years.

Press release

FY23 Presentation Results


Robust business performance and future prospects have allowed the Company to obtain, for the first time in its history, the Investment Grade credit rating from both Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings. These rating agencies both highlight the size of the Group, its economic relevance in Spain, the leadership and strength of the El Corte Inglés’ brand, the Group’s diversification across businesses and categories, its omnichannel proposal, and a unique portfolio of real estate assets in premium locations across the main Spanish and Portuguese cities.                                                                                                            



El Corte Inglés has a deeply enrooted ESG commitment with a focus on progressing towards best practices in social, environmental, and corporate governance matters. As a result of these efforts and improvements, in 2023, MSCI awarded El Corte Inglés’ an “AA” ESG Rating and Sustainalytics assigned the Company the top ESG Risk Rating among its peers, evidencing an unequivocal ESG commitment.


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