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Sustainable progress

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A responsible and committed company

Our business model is articulated around a series of commitments along ethics, sustainability and responsibility lines towards our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our owners, society and the environment.

As a responsible and committed firm, El Corte Inglés is making constant progress toward upholding best practices in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas.

Our 2021-2025 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Master Plan places sustainability at the heart of the company's strategic priorities for the future. It is in line with the economic recovery plans of the EU and Spain, and draws on the European Green Deal.

The Master Plan is underpinned by three strategic pillars:


Our 5 drivers of action

01. Responsible production and consumption
Dual focus: suppliers (production) and customers (consumption), strengthened with the "Responsibility" label launched in 2018.

02. 'Green' digitalisation
Innovation within the firm's overall digital transformation. Leads to savings in materials and energy..

03. Climate action
With the aim of reducing our environmental footprint of the Company's operations.

04. Corporate culture
Equality, diversity and community commitment are drivers aligned with the Group's principles and values.

05. Good corporate governance
Covering the other drivers through the Group's organisational model and existing policies.

Sustainable Development Goals

As set out in our business model and strategic priorities, and in keeping with the 2030 Agenda, we carry out a range of actions that contribute to all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), but which mainly impact on:

  • Salud y bienestar
  • Educación y calidad
  • Igualdad de género
  • Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
  • Reducción de las desigualdades
  • Producción y consumo responsables
  • Acción por el clima
  • Alianza para lograr los objetivos

Our activity supports us




    for electric vehicles

    for electric devices

Residuo CeroZERO WASTE
108 establishments with Zero Waste certification

Segunda vida para prendas textilesSECOND LIFE
for textils

Producción responsable del algodón a través de Better Cotton IniciativeBETTER COTTON INICIATIVE Responsible cotton production
through BCI, OCS, and GOSTS

Alianzas globales para un desarrollo sostenibleGLOBAL ALLIANCES for sustainable development

Compromiso con la producción ecológica y el comercio justoCOMMITMENT to organic production and fiar trade

on 100% of our
cellulose household products

Movement for sustainability

We continue to make progress in our "Movement for Sustainability" programme from supply chain to our customers: 

01.Product innovation, embedding sustainability across al areas

02.Promote responsible consumption

03.Employee, customer and community engagement

04.Sustainable attitude: raise awarness

05.Communication of the progress made on execution of the sustainability strategy

06.Product visibility and advertising

Communication with stakeholders

In our commitment as a socially responsible company, we maintain a constant and fluid dialogue with all stakeholders.

As the result of this ongoing dialogue, the Group has conducted a new GRI 3 materiality assessment by means of an exhaustive study of the context of the organisation, in order to provide an appropriate response to its needs and expectations.

Materiality Matrix

The positive and negative impacts have been recorded, their importance accessed and the impacts that may affect human rights identified.

A "double materiality" approach was used to define a series of personalised material points for the Group in four areas:


Projects that make us proud

Zero Waste

"All waste is managed and all managed waste is recovered".

This system completes the circular economy. AENOR certification of our Zero Waste system attests to over 90% recovery of waste generated at our establishments.


The Sustainable Product Guide

We have more than 122,300 sustainable references, 9% more than the previous year. Our commitment is to increase the supply of these references by at least 5% annually until 2025. The accepted sustainability attributes are included in our Sustainable Product Guide for buyers and suppliers.


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