Universal barca (Tapa blanda)


Universal barca (Tapa blanda)


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<BR><b>The most spectacular and emotive images of the history and of the present of the FC Barcelona in more than 220 illustrated pages and in a manageable format.</b><br /><BR><br /><BR><BR><i>Universal Barça</i> shows the whole brilliance, emotion and showiness of the history and of the present of this club in more than 220 illustrated pages and in small format. It is a book for all the supporters of Barcelona Football Club of the world and where there are gathered the feelings, the history and the values of a universal club that has managed to be a sports phenomenon and social acquaintance and respected in the whole world. The book shows the most spectacular images of the club, accompanied of texts that bring near the reader of any country to knowing a bit more the attributes and the passion that generates the vest 'blaugrana'. To know the history and the sports successes of the entity, his(her,your) glorious moments and his(her,your) epic help to know this passion. Publishing Angle has the official license for the publication of the institutional books of the FC Barcelona.<br /><br /><BR><b>Jordi Finestres</b><br /><BR>He is born in 1974. Journalist. Hehe has written a score of books <i>Josep M. Planes. Memòria d'un periodista assassinat</i>; <i>Estanislau Basora, el mite de les Cinc Copes</i>; <i>Univers Tísner</i>; <i>Barça!</i>; <i>Mites de Barça</i>; <i>El cas Di Stéfano</i>; <i>El Barça en guerra</i>, <i>Barça, més que un club?</i> Also is a scriptwriter of documentary programs of historical subject matter to TV3 and collaborator of the newspaper <i>La Vanguardia</i> and the magazine <i>Sàpiens</i>.<BR><br><br><BR><a href='http://www.fcbarcelona.com/' target='_blank'>Web<BR>del FC Barcelona</a><br>.

Formato encuadernación:
Tapa blanda
Número de páginas:
18 x 18 cm
Idioma original:
Touati, Carole;Nolla Cabellos, Albert;García Fernández, Begoña
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